New powerful protection features in Bitdefender GravityZone

Bitdefender launches Endpoint Security HD, a solution that accurately protects enterprises against sophisticated cyber threats that elude detection by competing endpoint security products. Two new modules have been added on top of the current protection layers to strengthen the prevention and detection of unknown threats:

HyperDetect. Powered by proven machine learning models, strong heuristics and behavioral-based detection, the protection module detects with pinpoint accuracy the latest and most advanced forms of threats, including file-less attacks.

Sandbox Analyzer for Endpoints. Gives you improved context on threat behavior, by performing automatic, in-depth analysis of the suspicious files in an isolated, cloud-based sandbox.

Endpoint Security HD is part of the GravityZone Elite bundle (Cloud only) and will be available for ordering starting July 11th.

More details here.

We have also added Full Disk Encryption to GravityZone, as an essential component of hardening and control layer, available for both Cloud and on premise. GravityZone FDE leverages the native device encryption mechanisms provided by Windows and macOS, being fully integrated into the GravityZone Console and Agent.

Active Directory Integration – Cloud solution. GravityZone can now recognize and integrate endpoints joined in an Active Directory domain. Your network inventory will display AD endpoints and groups in a dedicated network tree, next to the Custom Groups.

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