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Is your Enterprise Cloud Ready ?
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Business Services- Consulting

Cloud Strategy Consulting

We help our customers to define a portfolio of their existing business applications, its model of operating costs and service levels to adopt a strategic plan to migrate to cloud infrastructure. Our experts define new capabilities and new design technology layers that can be added to the traditional architecture patterns to draw a better cloud solution to improve the accessibility and mobility.

Our cloud strategy consulting and evaluation gives our client the ability to design a plan for adoption of cloud services, control of the future status of their application portfolio and centralize their access strategies, channels and consumption of applications

Cloud Technology Consulting

We define the blueprint of customer's system architecture, operating cost, fixed assets, annual amortization and the seasonal load requirements of systems. Our technology consulting meet the goal to have a comprehensive map of the systems and workloads to understand existing and planned capacity annually

Our cloud technology consulting gives our client to have an architectural blueprint, provisioning system, control of operating costs and amortization and the ability to identify the seasonal needs of load and how to solve

Cloud Security Consulting

Our security experts do a detailed assessments on security risks in cloud computing environment understanding the context of relationships and dependencies between the models of cloud based delivery. we develop a security strategy road map designed to guide our customers through the security and privacy concerns of the cloud infrastructure and help you implement a secure cloud strategy.

We will analyze and evaluate the security status and effectiveness of your current, planned private or public cloud solutions. We develop a plan based on system criticality, system requirements and security risks. We identify the strengths and vulnerabilities within an existing cloud security program, and recommend steps to help improve the security

IT Transformation

Our design and implementation of transformation strategies focus to assure our customers to optimize IT investments and maximize the value of information systems. We help IT departments to manage their challenges of increasingly complex environments, while continuing to innovate and supporting their business.

Our management model allows you to ensure the provision of services have value and effective, reliable and flexible. We propose a model for managing IT departments to facilitate the identification of key business factors affecting the technological function, and their implications for IT operations

Business Transformation

Our business transformation leverage on new technological possibilities that offers with the cloud computing to increase the flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency and ease of use by adapting new business models or changing the existing one.

We identify what cloud services are candidate to provide as a service by assessing the business process and economic impact of the strategy. Considering the synergies between cloud services and traditional infrastructure we implement the necessary cloud technological solutions for our customers. We help you to transform your business and ensure the success of your business through cost saving and operational improvements.

Our Business Services are not limited

We aim to be the solution provider for our client's needs

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Software Development

Our Software division offers cost effective software products with quality services. We have excellence in delivering software development service for Textile & Healthcare industries.

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Application Development

We provide Customized Application development support, multi-tier application development, maintenance and enhancement projects, E-commerce applications & mobile applications

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Data Warehousing

Our enterprise business intelligence consulting provides integrated solutions to access data from databases and applications across the enterprise with the power of advanced data warehousing.