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Is your datacenter fully managed ?
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Datacenter Services

Datacenter Optimization

We develop a strategic road map to optimize your datacenter Infrastructure. We focuses on key data center considerations such as virtualization, management, identity, security, IT processes, and compliance.

Datacenter Infrastructure Management

We Develop and implement in-house or private cloud infrastructures while reducing both complexity and risk. The private cloud model provides the efficiency and agility of cloud computing, along with increased control and customization. We help you achieve this through dedicated private resources and by combining technology, guidance, and validated configurations with partner technologies.

Datacenter Automation

We design and implement an advanced automation solution to reduce demand on IT staff, simplify regulatory compliance, and improve the quality of IT processes.

Datacenter consolidation & Migration

We formulate a strategic approach, with the help of our partners to consolidate data centers, physical servers, and virtual machines. This helps accelerate the consolidation and migration of physical or virtual servers to a centralized data center or infrastructure platform, while mitigating risk and reducing costs.