St. Joseph's Art Gallery

The Art Gallery, the only one of a kind in city schools is a project of School Painting Club. It provides opportunity to the students to exhibit their paintings and drawings. More than fifty paintings of students, old-students, teachers and well-wishers are exhibited here. Information about famous ten artists in the world and their paintings exhibited here becomes an inspiration for the students.

The Art Gallery was inaugurated by Prof. Kattoor Narayanapillai, Chairman of the Lalithakala Academy on 28th October 2015. Mr. Karakkamandapam Vijayakumar, former member of the Lalithakala Academy was also present. We are grateful to him for his idea of setting up such an art gallery. We remember with gratitude Rev. Fr. Thomas D (School Manager) and Mr. P A Sebastian (former Headmaster) for providing financial support. We appreciate the moral support given by our Headmaster Mr. Amelnathan and the Principal Mr. P J Varghese.

The Art Gallery would be open from 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm on all working days and visitors are allowed during this time. Those who would like to visit the Art Gallery on hilidays and the Ex-Josephites who want to exhibit their paintings and drawings in the Art Gallery could contact the Painting Club Convenor – Mr. Raju V.A. (9447190484).