Going beyond the Convergence- Charity work It was a fruitful year at St. Joseph’s as we extended our helping hands under the Charity outreach Programme. Away from the normal academics and co- curricular arena, our students performed to perfection to meet the needs of their ailing fellow students, Poor home inhabitants, to console the suffering at the nearby hospitals and to provide study materials, uniforms and shoes to our deserving students. This act of achievement has sent out a strong message to all students and parents which reflect ‘Charity begins at home’. Together we went beyond the convergence to share and care the students with a human touch. About 110 deserving students were provided with shoes, school bags, uniforms, and books. The Student Police Cadets and JRC units visited Old age home and exchanged pleasantries, food and toiletries. They stayed with them the whole day. The Student Police Cadets often visit the General Hospital, comfort the inpatients, help them in cleaning, and provide lunch packs to the needy. A fellow student (name is not mentioned) who is suffering from cancer is provided with Rs……… to meet the expenses for his treatment. Another student who was badly bitten by a rabid dog was also helped under this programme and the list never ends…….