We aim to offer an education which will enrich the lives of our students and form young people who are sure of themselves, honest and responsible in their relationship with others, as well as provide a sound foundation on which to build their lives. We believe that all children arc to be educated in an inclusive community, which provides appropriate opportunities to match individual needs.


The school is committed to continuous, sustained enhancing of the human capabilities
Within the limits of its physical, financial and human resources, the school actively addresses the unique needs of each student, both effectively as well as cognitively. Students are immersed in a safe, caring environment in which high standards of behavior, effort and performance are expected.


General Rules

• All students are lo lake part in a becoming manner in the common prayers recited in the class.

• The School uniform is to be worn on all class days and it must be neat and tidy.

• Cleanliness is specially recommended to all. All shall dress neatly, keep their books and other articles neat and orderly. Everyone must help towards the general cleanliness of the class rooms, the wall and the furniture. Writing on the walls, stepping over benches and desks, carving on the desk and benches, splashing ink, etc. on the furniture or on the floor are to be avoided. Any damage caused to the school or furniture will have to be made good by those concerned.

• In the morning before class, there will be silent study in the class rooms, during which boys shall not be found talking, playing or roaming about the premises.

• All should arrive at the school at least five minutes before the first bell goes.

• All are to be punctual in attending the class. When the first bell rings, students go to their respective class rooms. Until the teacher arrives, the class leader has to maintain the discipline in the class.

• If the teacher docs not arrive on time the assistant class leader should report the fact lo the office, while the first leader assumes responsibility for order and discipline in the class until a substitute arrives.

• When the teacher enters the class room all are to stand up and greet him. When he leaves they thank him.

• Moving out from one class to another is to be done in silence and in order.

• Running, playing or shouting inside the classroom is not allowed.

• During the class hours no visitors are allowed and all communications of outsiders with students should be only through the office.

• Absence from class should, as far as possible, be avoided. When it is unavoidable, leave application printed in the diary, duly signed by the parents, shall be furnished.

• Absentees without leave for fifteen consecutive days will be removed from the rolls.

• Frequent absence from the school, carelessness in the matters of the studies, disobedience or disrespect to teachers, causing harm to others, stealing, using vulgar and obscene language etc. discredit the name of the school and will be a mailer enough for dismissal from the school.

• All are expected to be regular in attending the examinations of the school.

• Anyone who fails more than once in the same class will be removed from the rolls and will not be re-admitted without special permission.

• At school and outside, every student shall behave in a way that will bring honor to himself, his family and the school.

• During meetings, matches and other functions, all shall avoid unnecessary shouting and hooting. Such behavior disgraces the institution.

• Defaulters in fees will not be allowed to remain in class.

•Every student is responsible for the safety of his own belongings. The school will not accept any responsibility for the loss.

• Everyone is free to bring any complaint to the Principal / Headmaster. Group petitions, however, are not encouraged

•Students are not expected to bring mobile phones to the school. The law also prohibits the use of motorbikes by those under 18.

School Uniform

Peach colourd half sleave shirt with school badge and black trousers. (HSS)
Plain, white half-sleeve shirt with school badge and black shorts or trousers. (HS)

• Identity card is compulsary for all students.
• Only black belt with simple buckle will be permitted.
• School uniform must be worn during school hours as well as at all school functions.
• Black shoes and white socks.